Beware of Workplace Accidents: Tips to Enhance Workplace Safety

Safety in workplaces is essential for the welfare of the workers and employees and for the proper functioning of the workplace. Especially, in industrial sectors, where employees are compelled to work in potentially dangerous environments, adopting proper measures to ensure safety is essential. Here are a few things that must be taken care of:

Proper Training and Supervision:

• Provide proper and complete training about work to be done.
• Provide written instructions about safety procedures.
• Supervise employee performance.
Building and Equipment:
• Ensure proper maintenance of the workplace. The building where the employees work must be in a proper condition and repaired as often as necessary.
• Properly maintain machines and other equipment. Malfunctioning equipment may result in severe safety hazards.
• Train employees for safe use of machinery.
• Prevent slip and fall accidents.
• Keep walkways and alleys free of clutter.
• Get rid of slippery flooring material and repair damaged floors.
• Provide a good drainage system.
• Construct ample number of emergency exits.
• Avoid keeping heavy machinery in confined spaces.
• Clean spills and leaks as soon as possible.
• Cover open pits and remove protruding nails and screws.
• Provide railings for open edges to prevent objects or people from falling.
• Provide proper lighting. Well-lit walkways and emergency lights are essential for improving workplace safety.
Fire Security:
• Handle combustible materials with care and store them away from fire sources.
• To prevent electrical fires keep wires and conduits under regular check. Use non-combustible Gi trunking and galvanized wires and conduits Gi wires are also more durable than other types.
• Provide proper combat equipment for fire, for example fire extinguishers as appropriate for the site and keep them away from hazardous materials.
• Keep fire exits and stairwells free from obstruction.
• Observe regular evacuation drills.
Health and Hygiene:
• Maintain hygiene.
• Avoid storing stagnant water.
• Ensure proper disposal of wastes.
• Keep premises clean.
• Provide clean toilets and showers.
• Provide uncontaminated water for drinking and cleansing purposes. Often water flowing through age-old Gi pipes gets contaminated by lead, cadmium and other impurities. Thus, old Gi pipes should be replaced with new ones or with copper pipes
• Provide first-aid facilities.
• Provide employees with protective gear like protective jackets and helmets, proper shoes, masks and safety glasses.
• Ensure proper ventilation.
• Employ an experienced physician for proper treatment of employees.
Other measures:
• Employ competent security personnel
• Make provision for ready ambulance on call
• Take employee feedbacks
• Hold frequent meetings
• Observe frequent supervision of the work premises. Deal with problems without delay.

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